Braces 63% less than the average price in Miami

Only $99/month*

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Braces Benefits:

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Monthly Pay:
$99/month for 26 months
Single Pay:
One Time Payment of $2150

Yes – some insurances cover clear braces. The Smile Mission accepts over 70 insurance plans and will work directly with your insurance.

Depends on the patient, but typically between 6 months to 2 years

Yes, we accept both!

Most dentists waste significant money on overhead and therefore have to charge higher prices. The Smile Mission buys supplies directly from the manufacturing company and therefore can dramatically lower prices.

Yes, tooth colored ceramic braces are available along with white wires. 

Yes, we have braces and wires that are 24k Gold Plated.


How it works


step 1:

Free consult

step 2:

Scan your Mouth & X-rays

step 3:

Breces are put on your teeth

step 4:

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Smile Missions goal is to increase American’s access to high quality oral health care. Approximately 26% of Americans suffer from untreated dental decay.