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What is an Overdenture?

If a patient has no lower teeth, they will get a lower complete denture to replace the teeth. A lower denture slides around the mouth easily and is usually only used for aesthetics purposes.

A lower overdenture is different. An overdenture snaps into 2 or 4 implants making it very stable. Patients can eat and speak with their overdenture.  An overdenture can completely change your life. 

Overdentures can be done for both lower and upper dentures, but they are more common for lower dentures due the significant impact of a lower overdenture.

What are the benefits to an overdenture?

Yes, overdentures are often covered by insurance and The Smile Mission Accepts over 70 insurances.

After consult and review of your x-rays – in the same appointment or future appointment – the dentist will place the overdenture implants.  For 3 months the overdenture implants will heal and while you wear a traditional denture. After 3 months of healing, the dentist will connect your implants to your denture.

After 10-20 years you may have to change your overdenture. Changing an overdenture is way less common than changing a traditional denture.  Also, you will not need to replace the implants so when you replace your overdenture the cost is way less then the first time.

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