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New Patient
We hope to become your future dentist.


Welcome! We are delighted to have you as a new patient.

At The Smile Mission, we offer premium quality service at some of the lowest prices in the country.
We do most dental procedures – but we specialize in Implants, Veneers, Full Reconstruction, Botox, Whitening and Braces

Consults are and will always be FREE. X-rays are waived too if you decide to have nothing done.

Insurance – we take over 100 insurances! To keep things organize – please make sure we verified your insurance over the phone when you scheduled your appointment. If we can’t verify it online, we will need 3 days to verify. If we can’t verify it – we will call you 24 hours before and inform you

Come early. Traffic can vary a lot in Miami. If you arrive after 15 min we will need to reschedule you.

If you need to cancel, reschedule or move appointment – please give us a 24 hour notice or a fee may be incurred.

We try to save you extra trips by doing work the same day (extractions, crowns, veneers, implants & more).Most offices will makeyou come another day for the procedures. Same day is based on first come first serve. Often there is no wait, but if several new patients came right before you there could be a wait.

You can fill out new patient forms a head of time:

We hope to become your future dentist.
We look forward to seeing you on Jan 3 @ 9:00 AM!
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Dr. Dustin Pfundheller, D.M.D, was raised by two public school teachers in Altoona, Wisconsin, a small town two hours east of Minneapolis. As a high school valedictorian, Dustin immersed himself in sports, music, and leadership activities. He majored in mathematics at University of Wisconsin –River Falls setting a university record in honors courses. He was thrilled to escape Wisconsin winters by attending The University of Florida College of Dentistry in Gainesville, where he was a housing director and presided over several organizations including: Dental Student Government, The Florida American Student Dental Association, and Graduate Student Government.

Dr. Pfundheller moved to work as a dental surgeon in Singapore. Besides Singapore’s consistent sunshine, he enjoyed a flexible schedule that allowed him to travel. He worked long days in order to bank time off and visit every country in the world! On his journeys, he volunteered as a dentist in over 30 countries – focusing on places that were dire need for volunteers – Pitcairn, Tuvalu, Syria, Israel, Rwanda, Mauritania and many more. In the Western Sahara, he and a group of Spanish interns worked in 120 degree temperatures, aiding hundreds of people who lived in desert tents. Following his time in Yemen, where he met and assisted three sisters suffering from Papillon-Lefevre Syndrome. Even after experiencing the whole world, there’s no place Dr. Pfundheller would rather be than the home state of his alma mater: Florida! He looks forward to meeting patients and improving smiles at The Smile Mission.

Dr Dustin Pfundheller

Meet Your Dentist

Dustin Pfundheller, DMD Dr. Dustin graduated from the University of Florida Dental School in 2013. He has worked full time as a dental surgeon ever since. He has traveled to every country in the world and volunteered in over 30 different countries and has presented at International Dental Conferences. His competent and expert skills as well as his warm personality and compassionate spirit will make you feel right at home.

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