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All on 4

What is All-on-4

You Get permanent fixed teeth on 4 dental implants. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The do not come out of the mouth

Only $195/month

Improved Speech

Great Look

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How Do All-on-4 Work?

At The Smile Mission we have the lowest All-on-4 price in Miami and in the entire country. We believe an all on 4 should be affordable because everyone deserves to smile. Your first appointment you come and have the teeth removed and dental implants placed. We do same day dental implants – this means the extractions and implants are placed the same day and done in just a few hours. Depending on your particular situation – you may or may not need to have a temporary.
Then after 3 months you come back and we make and connect your all-on-4 to the dental implantswhich takes about 2 weeks. If you are from out of town we can rush this process and do it in 4-5 days.
Don’t be fooled by our low price all on 4! We use one of the world’s most popular and high quality implants – Megagen Anyridge. Due to their superior implants, we can place successful dental implants in many patients with little bone. We pride ourselves in being the most affordable dental implants and having the best implant dentists in Miami.

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The Smile Mission All-on-4


Extractions/implants done in less 3 hrs

Many Amazing Financing Options

Great communication (online consults available,always call back & respond to patients & respond away to social media/google/email)

Don’t charge extras (like bone graft)

Normal Clinic All-on-4


Extractions/implants take a few appointments

None or only one financing option

Don’t call patients back, don’t answer the phone

Add a bunch of extra fees (bone graft, socket preservation…)


What are the benefits to an All-on-4?

Improved appearance

Improved Speech

Improved eating

Improved Bone

Improved Tissue and Jaw

Improved health

Easy to care for

Changes your life!

Still Have Questions?

  • Are All-on-4 Covered by insurance?
  • What is the process?
  • How much does it Cost?
Are All-on-4 Covered by insurance?

Yes, All-on-4 are often covered by insurance and The Smile Mission Accepts over 100 insurances.

What is the process?

After consult and review of your x-rays and scan of your mouth –the dentist will spend the next few days working with the dental lab to create your smile design.  On your next appointment the dentist will place implants and teeth.

How much does it Cost?

$195/month for 5 years or a one time payment of only $8000. Average Florida All-on-4 price is $35,000!

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