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At the Smile Mission, our new patient consults are always free!

Online Consults

At the Smile Mission, our new patient consults are always free! Coming in person is always recommended, but we do offer online consults as well.

How to book online consult:

Take 8 photos: (follow instructions in video)

Send photos (& x-rays) to consults@thesmilemission.com Make an Appointment

Click to Call

** By sending your information through email, you are agreeing to be contacted through phone and email.

How Online Consult Works:

30 Minute appointment window will be scheduled

The Smile Mission will call you within this 30 min appointment.

A dental assistant will take down some of your basic information

After gathering your information, a Dentist will speak with you about your case and answer questions

A treatment plan will be made, discussed and emailed to you

Future appointment can be booked (optional)

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Online Consult Available for:

braces2 1

Line them all up


No down payment, just $119/month, no hidden fees, open evenings and weekends

clear aligners

Clear aligners for +70% less


We make our own aligners in our office which allows us to significantly lower the prices. Straighten your teeth without others knowing

Veneers 1 1



Beautiful veneers for only $600/tooth.  Patient have flown in from all over the US to get veneers at our clinic.


Exam are free


Free exams!

whitening 1 1 1

Beautify your smile


In Office Whitening

Procedures For Online Consults but X-ray highly recommended:

fllings 1

Dental Cleanings


Cleanings at just $50.  Its important to get a cleaning every 6 months.


The best solution


Implant placement done same day. We place over 150 implants/month. Quick, easy, and low cost.

root canals

Save the tooth with a Root Canal


We even do molar root canals – allowing you to save your tooth.

wisdom teethsss

Wisdom Teeth Removal


Wisdom teeth removal is done here

dental fillings 300x300 1

Dental fillings


Dental fillings fix chips, holes, and dark spots (often decay) on Teeth. Patients can have decay in areas they can’t see (between teeth on back of tooth). That is why it’s important to have annual exam.