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Only $1789

  • Includes Implant + Abutment + Crown
  • Free Panoramic X-Ray ($200 Value)
  • Free Consultation ($175 Value)
  • Accepting +100 Insurances
  • Opening Evenings and Weekends
  • Low Cost Dental Impalnts in Miami

If you don’t replace your missing tooth – the other teeth will likely drift and have problems in the future

teeth to shift

Why Get Teeth Implants in Miami ?



Prevents bone loss

Prevents damage to other teeth

Prevents neighboring teeth from shifting

Easy to maintain

Cost effective

Call to learn more!

How Do Implants Work at The Smile Mission?

At The Smile Mission we have the most affordable implant prices in Miami. We believe everyone should be able to afford to smile. We do same day dental implants in Miami – this means we place the implant same day as the extraction. Depending on your particular situation – you may or may not need to have a temporary. When we place the implant – it is placed into the bone and below the tissue. After a few days the tissue will heal over the implant.

Then after 3 months you come back and we connect a crown to the implant. All done.

Don’t be fooled by our low prices Implants! Many clinics that have cheap dental implants use poor quality implants. We don’t do this. We use one of the world’s most popular and high quality dental implants – Megagen Anyridge. Due to their top of the superior implant technology, we can place successful dental implants in many patients with little bone they also require less bone grafting than many other implant brands saving patients a lot of money. We pride ourselves in having the best implant dentists in Miami.

The Smile Mission Implants

$1850/Implant Cheap Dental Implants in Miami

Ability to place in 4mm of bone

Implant placed same time as extraction

Many Amazing Financing Options

Great communication (online consults available, always call back & respond to patients & respond away to social media/google/email)

Don’t charge extras (like bone graft)

Normal Miami Implant Dentist

$4,500/Implant – Cost of Dental Implants in Miami

Need +8mm of bone or sinus lift

Bone graft placed after extraction (extra cost & must wait an extra 3-6 months)

None or only one financing option

Don’t call patients back, don’t answer the phone

Add a bunch of extra fees (bone graft, socket preservation…)

Superior Dental Implants at Affordable Prices

A dental implant is an artificial tooth that permanently replaces a missing tooth. Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth including every tooth in the upper and lower arches. Dental implants are fused directly into the jawbones providing the stability and function of natural teeth. See an example of a before and after below:

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Priscilla HamiltonPriscilla Hamilton
19:29 11 Jul 24
My Smile Mission was great! Dr Scott and his team were very caring, patient, compassionate, and professional! I always appreciated and acknowledge good customer service. I thought that was a thing of the past. However, today I was proven that there is still some business that still know what it means to service and appreciate their customers, and value their job!! I recommend “The Smile Mission “ . God bless you all! Keep up the good work!
Erica HinesErica Hines
20:51 04 Jul 24
On 7/3/24 I had my initial consultation with The Smile Mission. My waiting time was not long at all. The staff was very professional and made me feel comfortable as I have dentist fright. I love that they have late hours. The prices are very affordable. I already have a appt for my first procedure scheduled . I am so glad that I found The Smile Mission. .
17:10 02 Jul 24
The whole process of our appointment was very organized and friendly. My family felt so welcomed from the beginning. Everyone had a very kind, friendly and professional attitude towards helping us with questions and what we needed done. I believe this is the key to great customer service! So much of this needed more in the area of South Miami! Thank you so much!I also want to share my admiration for Dr. Dustin’s story to help all those in need! Also more of what we need in this world.
Wilson CamposWilson Campos
20:54 28 Jun 24
Certainly! Here’s the revised review including the staff names:—I recently had the pleasure of visiting The Smile Mission for a dental appointment, and I can confidently say that it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a dentist’s office. From the moment I called, and walked in, I was greeted with warm smiles and genuine hospitality by Amanda and Jeckie that instantly put me at ease. Especially arranging my visit promptly.The staff at The Smile Mission is truly exceptional. Carlos and Adrian were very attentive and made sure I was comfortable and relaxed before all procedures not to tell how efficient and friendly they were throughout the hole process.Dr. Schott was incredibly professional and attentive. They took the time to explain each step of the procedure, ensuring I understood what was happening and why it was necessary. Their expertise and gentle approach made the entire process painless and reassuring.What truly sets The Smile Mission apart is their unwavering commitment to customer care. They followed up with me after my appointment to check on my well-being and to answer any additional questions I might have had. This level of personal attention and care is rare and greatly appreciated.Overall, The Smile Mission exemplifies what outstanding hospitality and customer service should be. They have created a welcoming environment where patients feel valued and respected. I highly recommend The Smile Mission to anyone in need of dental care – they will exceed your expectations in every way.Thank you so much guys for your attention and incredible service. I appreciate it all.
Bob GreenBob Green
02:57 20 Jun 24
If I could give more than five stars I would. At my age I’ve been to a lot of different dentists/Orthodontist before. hands down The smile mission has been the best experience I’ve had ever. The level of professionalism is off the charts and the care that they provide to their clients is Unmeasurable. I have already recommended The smile mission to many of my friends,that are willing to drive almost two hours to use their services because of their transparency and pricing. Definitely the best! Do not hesitate or think twice
Lynn LortonLynn Lorton
01:40 17 Jun 24
My husband & I decided to fly to Miami to have some dental procedures done. After researching several dentists & even considering out of country due to the prices in the DFW area. We found The Smile Mission & couldn’t be more happy with the decision. I began the process for 2 dental implants. Dr. Scott was very friendly and treated me with kindness and did such an amazing job. I never had any pain, I was on a boat having fun just hours after my implants. They have healed so nicely & much faster than I could imagine. I go back in the fall for the final crowns & look forward to my new smile. Everyone we encountered at The Smile Mission were so friendly. Definitely would recommend them.
Rossi HernándezRossi Hernández
20:33 13 Jun 24
The best place in Florida to get dental treatment. From the moment you enter the place, the receptionist welcomes you with a smile. I was treated quickly and kindly and Andres Fernandez gave me a very good estimate on my procedure. I am very happy to have found a quality place with unbeatable prices
Tahilee BrownTahilee Brown
17:25 08 Jun 24
I truly enjoyed my time with Carlos, Micheal, Alejandro. They took care of me very well. Carlos was very gentile with me, Micheal was very compassionate especially when I was crying he kept reassuring me that all will be well. Alejandro helped take care of my anxiety by rubbing my shoulders and wiping my tears away because I was just nervous. Ms June was friendly, helpful and she made sure my needs was well taken care of. I would come back again for future services. The whole staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work you guys! I would recommend this place to others!
Ismail Hassan (Asmony)Ismail Hassan (Asmony)
19:08 07 Jun 24
Excellent customer services. This Dental Clinic located in SW Miami environs is a blessing to the community.I express my gratitude to all the staff and the Doctors for the great services they offer. I had been to this location twice for teeth whitening. The price for their service are very reasonable and affordable. 👍🏿
Terry SlagleTerry Slagle
20:52 01 Jun 24
I was very skeptical when I had my first appointment to determine if I was a viable candidate for all on four dental implants. I was pleasantly surprised with the customer service, caring atmosphere and the expertise of the dentists and all care providers. I was not expecting this process to take as long as it has, but the process is almost to completion and I am sure that I will be extatic with my new smile, because I have not really smiled in about 15 years due to my dental condition. Thank you Smile Mission, I will be singing your praises to anyone who might want to listen.
The Smile Mission offers an outstanding odontology experience, marked by a great atmosphere and wonderful customer service. From the moment you step in, you’re welcomed into a warm, inviting environment that instantly puts you at ease. The team, including Pineiro, Leo, Reinier, Guerra is exceptional. Each of them goes above and beyond to ensure that patients feel comfortable and valued. Their professionalism, friendliness, and attentiveness make every visit a pleasant experience. The Smile Mission truly sets itself apart with its top-notch dental care and personal touch, making it a standout choice for anyone seeking excellent dental services.
Nely ColemanNely Coleman
16:55 18 May 24
They were amazing very attentive, carmen was amazing quick and very gentle I barely felt any pain at all she was amazing. Adriana and Amanda were super sweet, professional ,quick at scheduling and answering all my questions. It only give you up to 5 stars. But I give them 100% awesome job💖💖. The smile mission, I’ll definitely be visiting more often. 💖😌
giselle iglesiasgiselle iglesias
15:55 08 May 24
If you are looking for a conservative dentistry, this is the place. What they say on their mission statement on the website, is how they really are. I had a good experience with them. They are professional and provide affordable prices. Encouraging when I was nervous. The working hours are great, they close every day at 8pm except on Sunday I think they are not open. It makes it easier to make a dentist appointment at a time that is most convenient for you. Great experience overall.
Angelique TorresAngelique Torres
13:59 29 Apr 24
All the staff is beyond friendly and professional, they care about their patients. Jose was the nurse who assisted me and made sure to help relieve my pain and gave me step my step details on my procedure. Made sure I was comfortable and pain free the entire visit. Dr. Scott is always prompt , caring, makes sure to explain everything , he is the best Doctor! I cannot express enough how happy I am with their hard work and services
Tina VinciguerraTina Vinciguerra
01:32 28 Apr 24
I had my teeth whitened and was extremely happy with the results! I would recommend this affordable and very professional establishment! The entire staff are amazing and very attentive!
Tom WayneeTom Waynee
03:18 24 Mar 24
I recommend the smile mission to everyone. This place goes out Other way to help you.They give you different options for payment. They offer Different financing Options. The pricing is incredible. You will not find more affordable Dental options anywhere else in this area or probably in the whole state of Florida. they are the best. Money is not the most important thing to them . Helping clients with their dental care, helping them to have a beautiful smile.They are offering life-changing services at very affordable prices. I am so happy i found them.
I had the pleasure of visiting Smile Mission Miami recently and I must say, it was one of the best dental experiences I have ever had. Doctor Rana and his assistant Adrian were both incredibly friendly and made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in.Doctor Rana is clearly very knowledgeable and skilled in his craft. He took the time to explain the entire process to me and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I felt like I was in great hands the whole time. Adrian was also very helpful and made sure I was well taken care of during my visit.In addition to the excellent service, I was pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices at Smile Mission Miami. As someone who has had bad experiences with expensive dental treatments in the past, I was relieved to find a place that offered top-notch care at such reasonable prices. It was truly a breath of fresh air.Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Smile Mission Miami. From the friendly staff to the affordable prices, everything about my visit exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Doctor Rana and his team to anyone looking for a five-star dental experience. Thank you, Smile Mission Miami, for giving me a reason to smile!
Laura WelliverLaura Welliver
00:19 14 Mar 24
These people are honest and care about you and the outcome of your procedures. I got a few crowns a deep cleaning and came back to get a tooth pulled and implant. I had a minor issue with the crowns which were promptly fixed. Turned out to be a bit too much glue. They removed it no issues now with that. I was going to get a tooth pulled changed my mind and they gave me the money back same day. Can’t ask for much better than that. I came back to get tooth pulled and implant. Turned out I can’t do that due to a medication I am on. How thorough and professional. It made me feel very important as a patient. They answered all my questions and were never upset in any way. If you are looking for professional caring dental care this is the place for you
Bertha GarciaBertha Garcia
15:40 07 Mar 24
First time coming here and I had a great experience! Receptionist jackie was very nice welcoming. Dr. Scott is a great doctor and very good at what he does. Also, Jose was very kind as well and explained everything thoroughly. Will come back again!
Dan MckinneyDan Mckinney
13:35 17 Feb 24
I have to say a Great Big Thank you to everyone at The Smile Mission! After months of researching I decided to contact them about getting all on 4 implants so I called them and we did an online consultation with pictures and some recent x-rays. They got back to me promptly and actually recommended not doing the implants but actually their Veneers and a couple of bridges. They advised me for my personal situation that would be the best way to go!So I booked the appointment and setup my flight from Portland, Or to have the work done! When I arrived for my first appointment I was pretty amazed at how organized and busy they were and it’s for good reason, Their prices are so much more affordable than back home!They have state of the art equipment and everyone was very professional and attentive. It only required two appointments and the quality of the materials ( Zirconia veneers and bridges.) And the professional staff exceeded my expectations!It is a life changing experience for sure. Thank you so much to everyone on the Smile Mission Team for the amazing work 👍👍
no reyesno reyes
08:16 06 Feb 24
Today I drove 6 hours to finish getting my teeth fixed and had the best dental experience ever!! Everyone was very kind and gentle. Definitely worth the drive. And the prices are great too. Don’t think I could have found a better place. I’ll for sure be back and highly recommend them. Thank you tsm!!
Patsy BuSheaPatsy BuShea
00:43 31 Jan 24
Today was my first visit to Smile mission! From the moment I walked in the door I and my partner were treated with kindness! Every one was polite and helpful! They explained everything! I am looking forward for tomorrow to get the impressions done! So far I am very pleased with Smile mission!! I will give regular updates as we move forward
Rick RecioRick Recio
01:38 30 Jan 24
This place gave me hope where my previous dentist didn’t. I was told that only thing was root canal and Dr D said forget that we will try to fill and see. Well it worked and then he placed an implant where he extracted a broken tooth that is better than my original in feel. I can’t thank Smile Mission enough what a great staff well trained kind and very nice. My new dentist at last I found a great one. Thinking about dental work? This is the place and the price was way lower than my last and I don’t know how cause they don’t cut corners.
Connie KillianConnie Killian
13:55 28 Jan 24
I called Wednesday they got me in that night, took X-rays when through what they thought should be done. Ask me what I would like done. We decided that I needed three bridges they were able to get me in at 8:00 a.mThursday morning. Help me with financing and proceeded to get everything ready for the bridges to go in Saturday. Offer the price of a third of what I was going to have it done at a different dental office. It is totally amazing to me and everybody. There was beyond nice professional and very friendly. I can’t wait to go back Saturday and see the final work. I would highly recommend The Smile Mission to anybody and everyone.
Nicole RuotoloNicole Ruotolo
17:08 16 Jan 24
I honestly just want to thank everyone at this office. I went in for dental extractions and then implant dentures, I went in myself and came out a completely different person!! I’m in the love with my new smile!!! Jean is amazing he remade my smile perfectly. Dr Dustin is the most kind and generous person, he made my experience very comfortable, and June who over seen every appointment and made sure everything ran according to plans. I am forever grateful that I found this place, it has changed my life forever! Ohhhh and very affordable!!!
Carolina FitchCarolina Fitch
22:52 15 Jan 24
Amazing experience. The whole staff was really professional and eager to help. I had an amazing experience with Isabella and Viviana who wen above and beyond to make sure I was confortable. I would definitely recommend this place. Dr. Dustin was amazing and he truly cares about the patience satisfaction. THANK YOU!
Yaneisi LedesmaYaneisi Ledesma
02:57 14 Jan 24
A well-attended clinic with wonderful treatment from the workers, from the front desk, their hygienist Vivi, the assistant Christian, the entire team and their super direct and honest doctors. With fair prices and always understanding the situations of their clients. They were recommended to me by a local group and I am very happy to be able to start with them. ❤️🙏
Calvin W. Smith.Calvin W. Smith.
15:00 05 Jan 24
1. Are you new to the area ?2. Do you need immediate attention ?3. Are you dissatisfied with a previous dental experience ?4. Do you have infrequent needs for dental services ?5. Are you shopping for a reasonable price that fits your budget ?6. Do you prefer a personable, caring, and knowledgeable staff ?7. Does FAST service make you happy ?IF YOU ANSWERED “YES” TO ANY ‘ONE’ OF THESE QUESTIONS, Look no further. The Smile Mission is who you are looking for.!!! I URGE YOU TO CALL THEM TODAY ! !!!Signed:A Happy Patient
Alicia AngelAlicia Angel
18:14 20 Dec 23
I love this place so much that I travel from NYC for dental care. Everyone at The Smile Mission is extremely friendly and professional. Dr. Scott and Luis did an amazing job on my crowns, especially considering the fact that I have a rare disease that requires special care when using anesthetics. Dr. Scott did extra research on this prior to my appt to make sure he was prepared to treat me and his demeanor and bedside manner were incredibly calming for me during the procedures. The Smile Mission makes excellent dental care affordable and I can’t thank them enough! I get compliments on my teeth all the time!
Victorious ResourcesVictorious Resources
21:05 13 Dec 23
I strongly recommend smile mission. I came in with my sister to support her getting dental work and I say you can get your teeth whitening for $50. I was able to get whiting down as a walk-in. I got a complementary x-ray and consultation on the overall oral health. Which reveled I had a cavity. Dr. Scott is the person I saw who went over my oral care. He was very informative and recommended things I could do to help with my sensitivity. Addie was the person who actual conducted my whitening she’s amazing at her job. She listens and considered my comfort. The prices her are hands down the best around.
Tiara RichTiara Rich
00:27 07 Dec 23
I just want to say a special Thank you Thank you to Dr. Dustin, Addie, and June ❤️😁😁😁for showing me major love support staying late for me tonight WOW!! I was not able to confirm my appointment and they were closing early but Dr. Dustin almost missed his flight just to complete my consultation which was incredible! June And Addie the most sweetest people frfr (as well as the young lady and Man that did my x-rays thank you too) staying almost an extra hour to ensure I got the information I needed with a great price 🤯 all I can say is I think I’m going to like it here! Thank you Smile Mission!!!!
rachel hernandezrachel hernandez
14:04 05 Dec 23
It took me a long time to find a dental clinic that offered a fair price, without lying, a friend referred me, I went last Saturday, the dental specialist explained what I needed and I agreed. I am !!!!very, very happy 😊 😊!!!with the work that team is doing, they are all professional, honest and the prices are very affordable. On Monday they put all my zirconium crowns on the top, it was perfect. If you want to fix your teeth, with what you really need, I recommend the Smile Mission dental clinic!!!!!!
James UsseryJames Ussery
20:09 03 Dec 23
I found The Smile Mission Miami online. I live in Middle Georgia. 10 hours away. Not only do the accept my dental insurance, but they are the most cost effective, high quality dentist in the whole United States of America. Dr. Dustin and his entire staff were amazing professionals. I made 3 trips. I flew in the first trip (one day) got my implants installed after my free online/telephone consultation. I already had all my teeth extracted but I’m pretty sure they do this as well as part of the procedure as well. Second trip I drove down, 3 months later , for 2 day visit. They uncovered my implants, took mold impressions. then the next day we did open tray and bite wax mold. I went back home. 2 weeks later I drove back for a single day visit and had my zirconia crowns installed and my bite adjusted. I got the full mouth reconstruction and it turned out awesome, so glad I chose The Smile Mission Miami Florida and Dr. Dustin Pfundheller and staff.
Rose DRose D
18:46 05 Nov 23
I recommend Smile Mission. Dentisit and staff are friendly and very helpful. My son was told by a few dentists that he needed a tooth to be removed before getting braces. Smile Mission was able to place his braces without removing the tooth. They explained everything very well and also have options to finance. Overall, prices are adorable.
Edna Joseph MilordEdna Joseph Milord
16:58 03 Nov 23
I had the pleasure of coming here today because of my niece. I had the opportunity to speak with and meet June, Mari, and Jackie . They were nice and very informative. I also wanted to thank the consultation Team Andres and Jonathan, I appreciate their insight on what I needed to do to proceed with treatment. Overall Smile Mission Is Great!
ryan rosarioryan rosario
12:22 29 Oct 23
The Smile Mission is the Real Deal! The staff is amazing and I can honestly say they have the best prices in miami. You will not receive a better deal, I had a full mouth reconstruction and if not for them I wouldn’t be able to afford the procedure.I’m glad The Smile Mission is really bringing affordable dentistry with a superior quality. 5 ⭐️Thank you to everyone at the Smile Mission for giving me my confidence back! 💙
01:01 26 Oct 23
What an amazing place !!! They make miracles at the smile mission . friendly staff and super competent. Almost immediately taken in .. No waiting.. I was impressed by Dr. Dustin’ resume which can be seen in the many photos from smile missions literally all over the world covering the halls .. I think it was something like 120 countries mentioned in an article. Pretty impressive ! The place was packed and he just worked the room like a magician ( no joke ). I had all of my upper teeth crowned and 1 implant done in no time while he also tackled the rest of the office too. They look so good and I feel like a better human already. Thanks a bunch guys and gals!! This is all true and I am a real patient. Go see them .. 10 🌟 place
Anthony CrossAnthony Cross
18:36 12 Oct 23
Isabelle’s technique was great and made the experience a very quick and easy one. My time here in a few months has been a great experience as I’ve been getting cleanings and orthopedic work done. The Smile Mission was recommended by my mother and for someone who hasn’t been a fan of dental work offices growing up, I can honestly say I actually look forward to all my appointments. I highly recommend to all which are seeking honest professionals who really care about their work and provides the BEST prices in South Florida.
Aj ModeloAj Modelo
07:00 09 Oct 23
I had an exceptional experience at this dental clinic! From the moment I walked in, the staff was incredibly welcoming and friendly. The waiting area was clean and comfortable, which helped ease my nerves.Dr. Scott, luis, Juliana, and Jane were absolute professional. They took the time to explain the entire procedure to me, answered all my questions, and made sure I felt comfortable throughout. The procedure itself was virtually painless, and Dr. Scott attention to detail was impressive.The dental hygienists and assistants were also wonderful, making sure I was at ease during cleanings, X-rays/scans, and all of the procedures.I appreciate the clinic’s commitment to patient care and safety, especially in these times. The hygiene protocols and sterilization procedures were top-notch.Overall, I highly recommend this dental clinic. Their friendly staff, skilled professionals, and commitment to patient well-being make them stand out. I actually look forward to my next visit, which is something I never thought I’d say about a dental appointment! Thank you to the entire team for a fantastic experience.I hope this review helps! Feel free to call them they are super friendly 🙂
Natalia SaryginaNatalia Sarygina
20:52 25 Sep 23
Very unique dental clinic. The atmosphere is very nice and professional. Few extractions, the bridge, two implants, and many crowns/veneers were done for me in 48 hours (the dental work itself was done in 1 day, and I have to come once again for check the implants healing process soon). I feel very good and confident again. The prices here are really affordable, and the quality of work is really high. Doctor Dustin is not just the most experienced professional dentist, but also an amazing person (you can read his bio), and everyone else who took care of me- Watson, Diego and the whole team is just great. I will bring all of my family here and will highly recommend this place to all my friends.
Mimi MarquezMimi Marquez
15:01 24 Sep 23
I must say smile mission is doing something great in our community! We need more businesses like this to help the community by providing excellent customer service, professionalism and most importantly affordability!!! They made me feel welcomed. I was nervous and they made me feel comfortable. I loved everyone that helped me yesterday and I am very thankful and grateful for have found this place. The best around hands down!! Dr. Scott amazing person!
Ava #101 S.Ava #101 S.
20:30 21 Sep 23
I have been to many a dentist over the years. The Smile Mission is extraordinary in every aspect. Each staff member was caring. They were constantly concerned about my level of comfort. I had a root canal done on a wisdom tooth. I felt nothing during and following the procedure. I look forward to receiving more services from the staff. The prices are absolutely amazing for every procedure. I highly recommend them!
Ryan RosarioRyan Rosario
15:05 16 Sep 23
Smile mission is an amazing dentist office. They delivered a high quality of service and more importantly worked with me on offering an affordable price.I had full mouth reconstruction done so I had a lot work to get done and I was terrified but it was not pain full at all. That was the second best part besides the amount of money I saved.I recommended if you want to receive an amazing smile and a huge discount than you go to The smile mission without a doubt!—Ryan Rosario
Chrystal MChrystal M
23:22 09 Sep 23
Friendly staff , everyone took their time explaining and going over my treatment plans. Best dental experience I’ve ever had. Thank you !Smile Mission
Yakira DenoYakira Deno
19:51 09 Sep 23
First time here and I am super excited. Mr. Jonathan, June & Dustin were super professional and very helpful. I will definitely recommend The Smile Mission to friends and family. I am finally done with the whole procedure and I am super grateful for Daniel He did such a great job at whitening my teeth and have excellent customer service. I will definitely recommend him and hope he gets certified. 🙏♥️.
Lori FriedbergLori Friedberg
13:08 04 Sep 23
I went Saturday to have my teeth whitened and I’m extremely happy with the results. I can’t wait to do a follow up. The staff was very nice and checked on me throughout the procedure. I also met with Dr Dustin who was very knowledgeable and put me at ease. I would definitely recommend this dental practice 💯 %
19:31 23 Aug 23
I drove 14 hours from Mississippi to get this work done and I was not disappointed! The staff is super friendly and Dr. Scott, Danny and Diego were the BEST! If you are feeling the slightest bit apprehensive, DON’T! They will take good care of you, treat you respectfully, and send you home with a BEAUTIFUL smile… without breaking the bank! There was a $15,000 difference in price (above The Smile Mission) with my dentist back home and that was just not feasible for me! I am grateful to The Smile Mission for giving me my smile back! Everything done in 2 days…that was GREAT!
Myiesha AshMyiesha Ash
02:40 17 Jul 23
The smile mission was the best dentist experience I have ever had in my life. At first, I was so nervous about going to the dentist, thinking I would feel terrible pain, but I must say everything went smoothly. I did not feel any type of pain or discomfort throughout my whole procedure. The staffs was very nice, and professional. There was no long wait. I highly recommend the smile mission. Dr.Michael is the best and his hygienist Watson was amazing. The whole team is phenomenal and the prices are very affordable for top quality work. The staffs has a true passion for what they love to do. They took good care of me and even boost my self-esteem. The smile mission has changed my whole entire life with a new beautiful natural smile. I love my veneers and crowns. I highly recommend “The Smile Mission.” You will not be disappointed. Also, there are different financial options to work with you so that your dental needs are met. So no need to worry!!!
Lynn RodriguezLynn Rodriguez
18:32 06 Feb 23
A friend recommended this place. I had a really bad experience at my prior dentist leading to a bad filling job. I came here for the first time today for an exam and cleaning and had one of the best experiences at any dental office. The staff here is very friendly and helpful, and did a very good job at removing all of the stains from my teeth. My smile is so much better now and my teeth look very white. They were very thorough and patient unlike my previous experience elsewhere. Not to mention they are one of the most affordable dental offices in the area. Only $75 for a cleaning and they did an amazing job. Definitely recommend this office.
Lirianna DespaigneLirianna Despaigne
03:17 05 Nov 22
Great experience. I got my wisdom tooth removed by doctor Dustin and honestly it was a very smooth experience. I had never taken a tooth out and I’m very glad I chose Smile Mission because from the beginning to the end it was Avery comfortable and quick process. Thank you very much. And the receptionist was very kind and attentive.
Guitze MessinaGuitze Messina
22:58 04 Nov 22
I was impressed with the honesty of the doctor and the attention from the assistant dentists. I got a great review and an honest second opinion on what I truly needed to get done vs what another dentist recommended. I would highly recommend The Smile Mission to any friend or family member. Fair and honest service goes a long way. Keep up the great work.
Rhonda DabneyRhonda Dabney
02:12 16 Oct 22
Dr. Scott did a wonderful job with my veneers. I traveled from Tennessee to Miami because he was the only dentist with the necessary skills for what I needed. He is very professional and gets the job done. I’m so happy with my veneers. I plan on coming back to see him to get my implant on a tooth that I had extracted years ago. Lewis was also professional and made me feel comfortable. Lewis did an excellent job putting my veneers on.
King CKing C
19:13 09 Aug 22
The experience at smile mission was great. Their prices can’t be beat, the hospitality and customer service was spectacular, very friendly staff. I took my wife to have 2 teeth removed. The service was quick and the dentist were skilled. No issues to note afterwards prior to 2 weeks of the surgery. If you don’t have insurance and you need an affordable dentist, I recommend this place. 🙂 -happy customer
Riselys NoboaRiselys Noboa
16:30 04 Aug 22
What an amazing experience I had at the Smile Mission. I had a small gap and didn’t qualify for Invisalign so I got veneers and they look amazing!!!! I’m really happy with the quality of work.Thank you so much, now I can smile again!
Tyeece ThomasTyeece Thomas
17:50 11 Jul 22
Everyone Here was awesome! The staff was knowledgeable and made sure we knew everything that was going on through the process! They were so patient and kind! I got crowns on my top front teeth and bridges on both sides of my back bottom, and upper right! Their prices were unbeatable as well as the service. Never been so at ease at the dentist! I will highly recommend them to anyone who asks!
Juliana ConleyJuliana Conley
21:42 31 May 22
The Smile Mission is everything to me: because Dr. Dustin and Dr. Diego saved my life!! A year ago I made one of the best decisions of my life!!! I made an appointment with the Smile Mission, and I’m so truly grateful!!! My teeth were in shambles I couldn’t smile at all.!!! I was hurting inside. Everyday I brushed my teeth, I felt as though, I was slowly dying. Many days I stayed in bed to depressed to get up. At my first visit, I was so afraid, and nervous, it just always took so much for a dental visit!!!! After my first consultation, I found out the prices were very great!! (I really needed so much work) Excellent dentistry and prices go hand and hand. Hard to get all in one place!!! I knew that I would be safe and secure with The Smile Mission. Dr. Dustin walls through out his office really gives an immaculate description of an excellent dentist and solid humanitarian. I knew that I was going to be great!!! On my third visit, I met Dr. Diego another excellent dentist!! (Dr. Diego, thanks for your patience, kindness, and excellent work!! You are always there working so hard giving your very best!!! The office is clean, and dental chairs and equipment sanitized often. Dr. Dustin, I’m so happy to be your patient!! The staff is also so very kind and patient!!! Great people work at The Smile Mission! ♥️
Monica GonzalezMonica Gonzalez
19:26 11 May 22
My experience at smile mission has always been great with my two kids who have braces. The wait is never longer than 30 minutes. Friendly staff which is very important and Dr. Justin has an excellent hand. I had a tooth removed and was terrified. He made me feel comfortable he was quick and I felt nothing. The tech that gave me the Anastasia was patient with me and explained everything. I was impressed!! This will be my new dentist from now on.
Shana leverettShana leverett
18:58 06 Mar 22
Wow!!! This dental office is god sent!! First of all they are so nice and very patient and professional. Andres explained to me in detail everything I would need to have done including the process and the price of the procedure. Alejandra was so gentle with my deep cleaning she made me feel very calm during this process, because I’m not a big fan going to the dentist because of the amount of work I needed I was always scared of going. But then Dr Dustin came in and his assistant Lillie was amazing. They both made me feel so comfortable, he is very talented and amazing at what he does. He is working so hard to give the smile of my dreams and I’m just excited that I chose this dentist office to call my new home for me and my teeth. If you have some dental issues going on and are scared because of money issues or something another dentist told you. Just go they will work with you.

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Still Have Questions?

  • What is the Dental Implant Miami Cost?
  • Are Dental Implants covered by insurance?
  • Do Implants accept HAS or FSA?
  • Can I go to work the next day?
  • Do you do same day dental implants in Miami?
What is the Dental Implant Miami Cost?

The average Implant dentist in Miami charge – $2800 for implant placement

We do affordable dental implants in Miami so our price is only $999.

The average Implant dentist in Miami charge – $3300 for implant placement

Our Dental Implant Crown and Abutment – $850 (one time payment)

Are Dental Implants covered by insurance?

Yes – some insurances cover Implants. The Smile Mission accepts over 70 insurance plans and will work directly with your insurance.

Do Implants accept HAS or FSA?

Yes, we accept both!

Can I go to work the next day?

It depends on the person but we have many patients that go to work the next day or even the same day because they have just minor soreness after implant placement.

Do you do same day dental implants in Miami?

Yes, you can have the free consult, x-rays, and implant placement all done same day. There are exceptions, but +95% of patients can have same day treatment.



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