Dental Cleanings

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Dental Cleanings

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No hidden costs!  The $50 cleaning is referring to a prophylaxis cleaning. This means someone who has small amounts of tartar and plaque on their teeth.  Patients with severe amounts of calculus, easily bleeding gums, periodontist, deep gum pockets or swollen gums will need to deep cleaning.  Our deep cleanings are 70% lower than most dental offices.

Healthy patients should get 2 cleanings per year.

High risk patients should get 3-4 cleanings per year.

Overtime even the best brushers can get tartar build up on their teeth. Hygienists use special instruments to remove them. If the tartar remains it can cause periodontal disease and eventually could cause you to lose your teeth.

Gum disease usually affects the person slowly, is not painful, or rarely noticeable. A patient that doesn’t go to the dentist – may not know until they have pain and shaky teeth.  At this point the patient is likely to lose most of their teeth.

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