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American Dream Sponsorship

Dentists from overseas can get sponsored visa to live and work in America as a Lead Dental Assistant/Manager at The Smile Mission.

International Dentists get sponsored to work in USA as Lead Dental Assistant/Dental Manager

Benefits from the American Dream Sponsorship:

Work in USA

Improve your dental skills

Free continuing education courses

Use the latest dental software

Flexible working schedule

Mentorship ability

Why We Choose us

Special training courses will provided (free of cost) for you to get your expanded functions license, restorative functions license, along with other certifications and license.

The Smile Mission is one of the most exciting dental clinics in the USA. We use the latest in technology to allow affordable prices for patients.

The Smile Mission
Porcelain Veneers

$550/Veneer – Cheapest Veneers in Miami

Done in 48 Hours

Many Amazing Financing Options

Look very natural

3D Scan of teeth to get perfect fit

Great communication (online consults available, always call back & respond to patients& respond away to social media/google/email)

Done in just two appointments

Don’t charge extras (like fillings)

Normal Porcelain
Veneers In Miami

$1500/Veneer – Veneer cost in Miami

Done in 2-3 weeks

None or only one financing option

Look fake

Gummy impression that has errors (air bubbles, not clear margin) leading to veneers not fitting perfect & future discomfort, pain, and problems in the future

Don’t call patients back, don’t answer the phone

Takes 4-5 appointments to do the procedure

Add a bunch of extra fees

Other Affordable Dental Treatments

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Miami,
Replace a damaged tooth with a
crown layer, preserving the root

Dental Implants in Miami

They replace the entire tooth,
including the root of the tooth.
Dental implants Miami

Dental Bridges

Covers an empty space, holding
on to the teeth next to it.

Affordable Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in miami,
Improves the natural tone of your
teeth, giving them more shine.
Only $50!!

Financing Options


Non-Credit Check

Up to $25,000

Get financing approved before first appointment

All done at Online Consult

Capture new 1

Capture new1

1. Meet your Doctor | Dentist in Miami

Dr. Dustin Pfundheller | Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Dustin Pfundheller has more than 9 years of experience in the dental community.
Meet The Dentist

2. Enjoy Miami !! It’s a Great Place to Visit!

Still Have Questions?

  • Is this legit, is this a scam?
  • Do I have to make a deposit?
  • How many days should I stay for the Porcelain Veneers?
  • Do you accept Care Credit?
  • How do I get to The Smile Mission?
  • What airport do I fly into?
  • Have other patients came from out of state?
Is this legit, is this a scam?

Our prices are so low that some patients have thought it was a scam.  To quote one patient “I thought this had to be a scam until I saw all your amazing reviews.”  We have 4.9 stars on google (over 200 reviews), 5 stars on facebook (over 60 reviews), 5 stars on yelp.  We have an Instagram page, Facebook page, Google Business Page. 

Do I have to make a deposit?

A $200 deposit guarantees we can treat you the day you arrive.  When new patients book an appointment at The Smile Mission – they must first have a free consult in the clinic.  Depending on the schedule The Smile Mission may or may not do same day treatment.  The patient may have to come back another day.  A deposit isn’t required, but highly recommended.  We are a busy clinic and with no deposit you may have to wait a few days after your consult to be seen

How many days should I stay for the Porcelain Veneers?

The Smile Mission needs 2 working days to make the veneers.  For example – if you start on Monday, you will finish on Wednesday.  Saturday counts as a working day but Sunday does not count.  So if you start Friday, you will finish Monday.  We highly recommend coming at least one extra day (4 days in total) just in case any issue or problem would arise. That extra day is almost never needed, and most people use that day to enjoy Miami!

Do you accept Care Credit?

Yes we accept Care Credit along with many other 3rd party financing programs like Alpheon, Ally, Lending Club and more.

How do I get to The Smile Mission?

There are two major airports:

  • Miami International Airport – about a 25 minute ride to the Smile Mission
  • Fort Lauderdale International Airport – About a 55 minute ride to the Smile Mission

There are many options to get the airport from the Airport.

  • Renting Car – We recommend renting a car – because that will allow you to see experience beautiful Miami when you are not at the clinic.
  • Uber – It’s only a 25 min Uber ride from the Mami airport or 55 min ride from Fort Lauderdale airport
  • Public Transportation – you can take the metro and then transfer to a bus and arrive within 2 blocks of the clinic
What airport do I fly into?
  • Miami aiport – only 25 min drive to The Smile Mission
  • Fort Lauderdale airport – just a 50 min drive to The Smission
Have other patients came from out of state?

Yes, all the time.  Often we have several people from out of state on the same day! We now have had patients fly in from over 35 states.


A word from our patients