Why full mouth reconstruction done for patients?

February 1, 2023by The Smile MissionBlog

Why full mouth reconstruction done for patients?

February 1, 2023 by The Smile Mission

Full mouth reconstruction or restoration procedure is a process of rebuilding the mouth structure and restoring the upper and lower teeth set. Full mouth reconstruction is done to restore the functions of the mouth and teeth set as well as its appearance.

Restorative dentists and orthodontists take up the process of full mouth reconstruction and restoration. Oral surgeons and periodontists can also operate during the procedure to restore gum and jaw functions. The procedure is a long process that needs the help of many dental specialists. In this article, the different reasons why full mouth reconstruction are highlighted.

The causes of full mouth reconstruction

The following conditions might be a reason why your dentist suggests full mouth reconstruction. The conditions are as follows-

Teeth decay

Over time, people suffer from tooth decay. When people do not take care of their teeth and gums, it can lead to widespread decay of the teeth. Teeth decay can lead to loss of teeth. Loss of teeth needs reconstructive procedures to restore the functions of the teeth set.

Fractured and injured teeth

Often due to accidents and trauma, some teeth of a person get fractured and chipped. In such cases, reconstructive procedures that restore the function and appearance of the teeth become necessary. These procedures can come under full mouth reconstruction.

Worn-out teeth

Teeth set is an organ that we use day in, day out. With time and excess use of force, the teeth become ground out and worn out. Such teeth are very weak and dysfunctional. Dentists will recommend mouth reconstruction procedures to replace worn-out teeth. The use of a proper diet and reduction of acidity can protect teeth after reconstruction surgeries.

Jaws and malocclusion

People might face jaw alignment issues and malocclusions from teeth because of many reasons, like birth defects. The re-alignment of the jaw structure and correction of multiple malocclusions often needs full mouth reconstruction.

Full mouth reconstruction is a complex process that needs the help of many dentists and dental surgeons. Before going for a reconstructive procedure, go to a well-reputed dental clinic with an expert panel on full mouth reconstruction.