Wisdom Teeth Removal: Adults Must Know

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Adults Must Know

July 15, 2023 by The Smile Mission

When your dentist advises you to remove wisdom teeth, you must be aware of certain related things. You will be referred to an expert oral surgeon for the procedure. Make sure you consult an experienced dentist who often performs this surgery. After the surgery, it takes only a few days to heal, and you can enjoy your normal life. This blog covers all the brief details of the wisdom teeth removal process.

Why Is It Necessary To Take The Wisdom Teeth Out?

Wisdom teeth are located at the back section, and these are considered a third set of molars. It generally develops between the ages of 17 to 25. The dentist will spot it easily with X-rays. There are many reasons to remove them on time. Below are the reasons;

Painful and Impacting Normal Oral Health

The wisdom tooth is located far back after the molars. It will develop normally but gets trapped in the gum or jawbones. This turns out to be very painful and impacts your oral health.

Situated in Wrong Angle

Sometimes, the wisdom tooth develops at the wrong angle. Also, it gets pressed against other teeth.

Not Enough Jaw Space

Not everyone has enough jaw space to house an extra set of molars. When there is not enough space, the wisdom tooth starts hurting.

Gum Disease and Cavities

It is not easy to maintain wisdom teeth. Usually, the toothbrush does not reach there, leading to cavities and gum infections.

What To Be Done Before The Removal Surgery?

  • Discuss your health conditions with your dentist.
  • List out the medications you take on a daily basis and inform the dentist.
  • Clarify all the queries related to the surgery.
  • Ask about the type of anesthesia you will be given.
  • Ask about post-surgery care tips and suggestions. Also, know about the food to prefer during the recovery days.

These are the basic things every adult must know before wisdom teeth removal. If you are planning to extract it, make sure you consult an expert oral surgeon.