Do you have multiple teeth gaps?

Do you have multiple teeth gaps?

August 19, 2022 by The Smile Mission

Missing teeth can be rather hazardous for your overall health if the gaps are left unfilled for a long time. Getting dentures is one of the most preferred dental restoration options as it’s faster and cheaper compared to other treatments. Dentures are artificial teeth and gums customized by your dentist to replace your missing or removed natural teeth and play a vital role in improving oral health.

This treatment can be available in full and partial, so the patient either replaces all teeth or just the top or bottom gum line. However, not everyone requires full row, top or bottom dentures, as many people simply lose one or two teeth. In case you have periodontal disease or some accidents, you might need to use dentures for a few missing teeth.

Many times teeth are extracted to make it easier to install a full denture. But this is not the right approach as you might be losing your healthy natural teeth. Hence, if you are missing a couple of teeth, or maybe they will be removed in the near future, you can always consider going for partial dentures.

These dentures are the best option for replacing multiple teeth gaps in different areas without having to go through multiple dentist appointments. Such dentures would have the same centerpiece only to attach teeth where necessary with a framework or metal clasps to anchor the whole apparatus to a couple of permanent teeth. So even if you want up to 6 teeth or less replaced, your dentist can manage to create a partial denture.

Modern dentistry uses a combination of partial dentures and crowns to allow the wearer to remove dentures as they prefer for hygienic purposes. Now you can find flexible partial dentures with a durable nylon base, unlike the traditional rigid metal framework to hold the artificial teeth in place. They can appropriately shape your gums even when they gradually shift.