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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get veneers?

At the smile mission we do veneers in just 48 hours.  If you start on Monday, your work will be finished on Wednesday.  Please not that we are closed on Sunday so if you start Friday, your work will finish Mon.  Also, note there is always good to have the next day available due to unforeseen circumstances.

Can I come from out of state to get veneers? How long should I stay?

At the smile mission we do veneers in just 48 hours.  If you start on Monday, your work will be finished on Wednesday.  Please not that we are closed on Sunday so if you start Friday, your work will finish Mon.  Also, have the next day available just in case any unforeseen circumstances.

What material are your crowns/implants/veneers made out of?

We make our crowns, implant crowns, and veneers out of high-quality zirconia.  Zirconia is extremely strong – one of the strongest materials in dentistry.  We use the top of the line zirconia that is extremely beautiful aesthetically.  We also can make crowns/implants/veeners out of emax but emax tends to not be as strong and also the bleaching color is look less natural.

Can I get implants and veneers at the same time?

Yes, we do this often.  Our implants and veneers are made out of the same material so when done together it all blends perfectly to give you a beautiful smile.

How long does the veneers last?

Our veneers in the vast majority of cases last forever. Veneers still go over a tooth that can get a cavity and/or gum disease so it is important to take care of the tooth below. As long as you take care of your teeth – veneers are very likely to last a lifetime.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we do!  We offer both non-interest financing!  We accept most of the major financing agencies including CareCredit, Alphaeon, Lending Club, Ally and more.  We offer both credit and non-credit check financing along with in house financing.  Learn more here

Can I get financing if I have a bad credit score?

Yes, of course!  We have non-credit based financing.  Learn more here

Do you accept Care Credit?

Yes we do! Feel free to apply here

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

We do not take Medicare or Medicaid. Be aware that Medicaid does not cover many things for Adults in Florida. For example Root Canals, Crowns, Veneers, Braces, Invisalign are all not covered by Medicaid and the offices that do take Medicaid will likely be very expensive for those procedures. Due to our low prices, it is probably cheaper to get work done at our office than a Medicaid clinic.

What insurances do you take?

Yes, we take several insurances!  Learn more 

How does payment work for braces &/or Clear Aligners?

Payment is all collected every month through a 3rd party.  There is no downpayment for 95% of patients doing braces.

How much is braces and/or clear aligners?

Our braces start at just $65/month.  We have many different braces packages – learn more here

What are your prices to fix your entire mouth?

At the Smile Mission we offer great results for a fraction of the price.  Fixing your entire mouth tends to be at least 5 times cheaper at The Smile Mission.  Check out our prices here

What are your prices for veneers?

Veneers at the Smile Mission are 70% less than the average dental clinic.

What are your prices?

We offer some of the lowest prices in the entire country!  Here is more information about our prices.

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How can you be so affordable and still give great quality care?

The clinic was designed to give top quality work for a fraction of the price.  The clinic was the idea of Dr. Dustin Pfundheller who worked as a Dental Surgeon in Singapore for over 6 years and volunteered in over 30 countries.  He used his compassion along with his international knowledge to put systems in place to allow a high-quality affordable clinic become a reality.

Do veterans get discount?

Yes, veterans get any implant procedure for 10% discount. Must present military ID.

Can I get treatment done same day as the consult?

Same day work is done based on first come, first serve.   We can almost always do same day procedures but your wait time may depend based on how many same day patients are getting work done.  If you want work done same day, we recommend to come to an early consult like 8am so you are sure to get done same day with little wait.

What are the services you offer?

We offer nearly every service – Veneers, braces, implants, full mouth reconstruction, cleanings, crowns and more.  Learn more here

Can I book a free consult?

Yes, our consults are always free!  Book here