What aspects of children’s tooth development should you know about?

What aspects of children’s tooth development should you know about?

June 15, 2023 by The Smile Mission

The children’s tooth development process is one of the essential starts of their health aspects as they grow into adults. Hence, guardians should understand how Children’s tooth develop to help kids stay on track for a healthy smile. From the eruption of the first baby tooth to the transition to permanent teeth, you need to care for their teeth from birth until they turn 8 years old. Let’s get to know how to care for Children’s tooth.

How is the Baby tooth dentition?

The primary teeth development of children’s tooth starts growing beneath your child’s gums at birth. They erupt into position when they become 4 to 6 months old until they turn about 2 years old. Since the eruption process varies among toddlers, sometimes the primary teeth may not start showing until they turn one year old. But approximately by 24 months, children’s primary dentition can show up to Maxillary second molars.

Care for them by cleaning their mouth and gums by wiping them with a soft cloth, brushing twice a day with a soft toothbrush and plain water, and taking them for dental visits until they turn 1 year old. Then start encouraging them to brush their teeth and spit them out using children’s toothpaste with low fluoride. Begin flossing and teach them to brush their teeth as they turn 4.

How is the permanent teeth dentition?

The eruption of permanent children’s tooth begins around the age of 6, starting with the first molars behind the baby molars. The incisors, canines, and premolars follow this, and finally, the second molars. There are 32 permanent teeth in total, including eight incisors, four canines, eight premolars, and 12 molars. As permanent teeth erupt, they push against the roots of baby teeth, causing the roots to dissolve and the baby teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. As they turn 6, switch to adult toothpaste and teach them how to floss their teeth.


Baby teeth play a crucial role in speech development, chewing, and maintaining space for permanent teeth to erupt properly. They also contribute to the proper jawbone and facial development. Make sure to understand children’s tooth growth, ensuring proper oral health care and timely interventions.