What symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth should look out for?

What symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth should look out for?

June 30, 2023 by The Smile Mission

Today, people are suffering from various oral health issues. But the impacted wisdom teeth are a commonly encountered oral health issue causing pain and disruption to daily routines. These third molars often lack sufficient space to fully emerge, resulting in misalignment and discomfort.

As the condition comes with pain symptoms, swelling, and difficulty in regular activities, seeking professional dental care is essential for diagnosis and appropriate treatment to alleviate the pain and prevent further complications. If you suspect you may have impacted wisdom teeth, here are some signs for early intervention:

  • Pain and discomfort

Usually, individuals with impacted wisdom teeth experience pain in the back of the mouth. The discomfort is particularly around the area where the affected tooth is located. The pain can be intermittent or persistent and may radiate to the jaw, ear, or neck.

  • Swelling and redness

The pain can be caused by inflammation in the gums and surrounding the impacted wisdom teeth. This inflammation occurs due to pressure, irritation, and possible infection.

  • Bleeding gums

If an impacted wisdom tooth partially erupted through the gums, it can create an opening where bacteria can enter, causing infection. This can lead to bleeding gums, especially during brushing or flossing.

  • Jaw Stiffness

You can feel stiffness and limited jaw movement when your wisdom teeth are impacted. This can make it difficult to open and close your mouth properly, leading to discomfort and difficulty with everyday activities such as eating and speaking. All the pressure and inflammation can also cause headaches.


Prompt treatment of impacted wisdom teeth is recommended to prevent potential complications of infection, damage to surrounding teeth, and cyst formation. So when you know what signs and symptoms you need to look out for, you can get to a dental professional to assess the condition of your wisdom teeth through clinical examination and save you from associated issues. Note that not everyone with impacted wisdom teeth will experience all the above-mentioned symptoms. Some individuals may only have mild discomfort.